Welcome to my website! I'm located in the Milwood Subdivision in Austin, Texas. 

I'm glad you came for a visit and hope you'll visit often. 


Gail has the great ability to tune into each child's mode of learning as well as areas of interest. She is a teacher in the truest sense, focusing on guiding and encouraging each child in their learning process.

Chris Campillo

What our customers are saying

I recommend my friend Gail Harding for any of your children's tutoring needs. She is an experienced teacher and knows how to work with all types of learners!

Shirley Lukenbill

What our customers are saying

Gail works with students to focus on improvement and to see mistakes as a natural part of the learning process. With this, students have an empowering perspective on learning - Growth Mindset.

Celia Zamadics

What our customers are saying

Dear Mrs. Shelton, Shaelynn read your note today all by herself. Thanks to your phenomenal suggestion of a tutor, Gail Harding, with whom she is making great strides!

Veronica O'Neill